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One of the best things about having children around the garden is that they love to have fun outside. They will often play in the garden and when it is summer season they will be out enjoying the sunshine. Children love to see all of the flowers and plants and are often happy to help you look after them. The next time you want to have some fun outside with your children why not plan a little outdoor party. You can easily make your own garden extra special and it is one way to show your children how much you love them. It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is, you can add so much to it with a little imagination and effort.

A party usually involves food but you can also have fun making your own foods. This will ensure that you get more children involved and they will get some healthy foods too. You will need to make sure that your garden is as pest free as possible because if it is left open it can attract rats and other rodents. There are certain foods that children hate so make sure that you stay away from these foods.

One great idea for outdoor parties is to have a treasure hunt. It will be great fun for children and you can involve their friends. This is a great way to bond with your children as they all work together to find the prize. You could use simple items such as toys, bags, boxes and wooden toys, which your children can make themselves.

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If your garden is big enough, you could even hire someone to build a playhouse for the children to go and spend the day in. It is a good idea to involve your children in the building of the playhouse as they will be looking after it while you are busy doing other things.

This is one fun activity that you can hold outside rather than indoors. One other thing you could do is hold a tea party in your garden in the summer.

During the tea party you can have a little dig to remove all the old garden rubbish that you have been dropping for years. This will also make the garden look neat and tidy. Another great gardening activity you can do with children is to plant trees in your garden. They love working with plants and it will make them feel like they are grown up once they have planted the seeds.

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The best time to plant trees is in spring as this is the biggest season in the year. In spring the weather is perfect for enjoying the garden and children’s little minds will be set on experimenting with new things. Make sure you have plenty of trees, bushes and creepers around to make the garden look more natural. Having a few birds in the garden such as chickadees and butterflies also adds to the fun.

Another fun thing to do with children is to have a swimming day out. The only requirement is that you have the area around the pool to use. This will also give children the opportunity to learn how to swim and enjoy the water. If you are unsure about the safety of the pool, you can hire an instructor and he or she can show the children how to swim so they don’t get themselves hurt.

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Finally, one of the best things you can do with children’s parties is to plan a theme based party. Everyone loves pirates for example and if you have the time you can have a small sea with a few props. The children can make some pirate flags by hand out of bits of paper and cardboard. It is one of the most exciting things you can do for the children and it is sure to make them happy.

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