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When you hear or read about someone who has been to the top places in the world, do you ask where they got their dream travel or how did they manage to afford it? If so, then you are among the one percent of the population who wants to have the same experience. And why not? Anyone who gets so excited about something he or she likes usually feels like trying to share it with as many people as possible. Dream travel can be an experience that changes your life forever, but you won’t know unless you get on that flight.

To determine how realistic your dream travel is at the very least, roll d% down the nearest table. You’ll find some familiar elements, some not so much. But when you look back over the years since you started asking yourself questions like these, do you see evidence that your creature is becoming a reality? Not, just in your dreams but in your real life as well.

You see, while travel is pretty universal, and much of what you do in your everyday life is a reflection of where you’ve traveled before, that does not mean that your dreamscape is the same. After all, the only two things we have in common are our dreams. Your saving throw for that trip to Brazil may not be exactly what your Brazilian dreamscape looks like. In fact, it may not even be something you could conceive of. If you spend enough time with your dreamscape, you’ll start to see the similarities in your everyday life. You’ll recognize the patterns and the ideas forming behind the dreams.

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For example, does your weekly routine include five minutes of shopping, cooking, and cleaning? Do you find that by stopping to smell the roses in the garden and riding the bus a few stops later, the work you get done during your normal daily routine is more like a dream travel experience than anything else? Then you’ll recognize that dream travel is all about overcoming the obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals. The problem is that achieving your goals can only happen when you’re not busy, and this is where dream travel comes in.

One example of a dream travel experience that is very common, but also definitely one that we all have been dreaming about but never achieved is visiting Brazil’s Galapagos Islands. There are many people who have heard of these islands, but they don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Those of us who have seen pictures of them probably have a better idea of what to expect. That’s why I want to highlight the Galapagos Islands as one of the best dream travel experiences on this planet because of all the amazing and unusual sights that we can encounter there.

The Galapagos Islands is definitely one of the best dream destinations on this planet because it offers a lot of activities and adventures for everyone. For example, you can spend weeks or months getting away from it all while at the same time experiencing incredible adventures, new discoveries, and an exciting glimpse at some of the best natural attractions around the world.

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It’s also home to some of the cutest little penguins that are probably a sight to behold at any time during the year. In this case, seeing the wildlife up close and personal is definitely recommended. You will also experience an array of different weather conditions during any part of your trip so you can truly enjoy an array of different areas and climates during your stay, which makes it one of the top destinations for travelers all over the world.

Another popular activity in the Galapagos Islands is horseback riding. This is a fun activity for both younger and older travelers alike so you can definitely experience the thrill of a wonderful ride. However, if you find yourself a little late to make it back to your resort before dark you might have to take a hike.

If this isn’t your thing but still want to experience this thrilling activity, you can hop on a ride on a “jump jet,” which is essentially a helicopter with a viewing tower on board. However, this option is most expensive and must be done in the late morning or early afternoon when the winds are light.

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Jumping from one platform to another is an incredible adventure in itself. This is something you will never forget because each platform varies in its height, which means you will have to jump from many different platforms to truly experience the thrill. However, if you are looking for a way to really get excited about visiting the islands, consider renting a Gravity Portal jump jet.

This gives you the opportunity to visit all three of the islands in a single trip and experience all of their thrills in a single day. With the two included in the package you get the added advantage of a free pick up and drop off to any of the three islands with ease, so you can jump right on in and begin to explore what is one of the greatest places to visit on Earth today!

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