The price updating and replacing old technology sometimes requires more financial investment than anticipated. The perceived loss of productivity updating hardware, software or replacing outdated devices requires time. If it still works, do not change it even if old technology appears to be working properly, many business owners choose not […]

Business Technology Management is a rapidly emerging discipline and professional area in Business Administration. It integrates theory and practice, technology and information for business purposes. Application of Engineering Knowledge in the Business Administration includes a variety of disciplines including Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Information technology, Software Engineering etc. […]

Shadow tech is an extremely high-end compute service developed by the French firm, Blade. Their technology is modeled after Windows 10 operating systems running on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Their current product line up consists of four high-end devices that are currently available. The first of these […]

Trending technologies are the latest trends in Information Technology. Technology has given birth to many promising professions. These trending technologies are very new but are developing rapidly. These technologies need talented humans to contribute and handle them. A popular trending technology is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is a […]

Business intelligence (BI) is the study of how organizations use technology and where they make improvements to improve productivity, quality, efficiency, value, and cost. By collecting, managing, analyzing, and acting on that information, BI professionals help businesses become more successful. Businesses are acting on their own intelligence by adding, removing, […]

Cutting edge technology is rapidly changing the way people live their lives. It is defined by a combination of technological advances and societal behavior. The term cutting edge was first used in 1980 by H.G. Wells to define the new line of technology that was to be used in the […]

A Social History of American Technology visually fills that gap by surveying the evolution of American technology over the centuries from the basic tools used by early native residents to the state-of-the-art technologies used by modern industrialists. The book traces the development of the “age of machines” from hand-powered village […]

ARM Technology is nothing new in that the ARM microprocessor was first developed in 1965 for use in computers. ARM is a registered trademark of Applied Mathematics Research Corporation (AMP) and is controlled by the ARM Group, a consortium of chip manufacturers. ARM processors are an open source system and […]

The advantages of technology are many and varied. In this technological age, it is not enough for a company to rely on old, outmoded methods of doing things. It is important for businesses to realize the importance and advantages of technology. It is also important for them to use it […]