Top 10 Best Network Marketing Companies in India: What exactly is Network Marketing? Network marketing represents a company model where individuals create a marketing network with others to sell the products of a business. Often it doesn’t have to age, education, or geographical location bar. In this article, we’ll take […]

Business communication is really the way of sharing information between staff within and outside the organisation. This may include other colleagues, clients and suppliers. This form of communication can be via e-mail, phone calls, fax, networking, newsletters or regular written communication. It can also be done in person, by writing […]

Business operations management is really about harvesting value from all assets owned by an enterprise. Assets can be both tangible or non-tangible. An obvious example of a tangible asset is property. An obvious example of a non-tangible asset is a vehicle. All businesses must establish priorities for their activities in […]

A food cart is an easy-to-use mobile kitchen unit designed to prepare and deliver food to customers on the road. Food carts can be seen in many cities around the world selling food of almost every type. The business of food cart selling has greatly evolved over the years, with […]

Lead generation by a company is a crucial part of any business’s marketing mix. Lead generation is simply the process of converting and attracting potential prospective clients into probable buyers. Marketing strategies are employed to draw consumers‘ attention to products and thereby convert them to leads. Lead generation by companies […]

Many people starting up an online business use the Amazon business model as a good model for their business. Amazon is one of the leading online retail stores and has been around for many years now. They have a wide selection of both books and digital products. If you want […]

A business owner is a person who owns and runs a business, either large or small, with the goal of deriving a profit out of it. In business, an owner exercises control over the company that he owns or operates. He or she usually makes key decisions for the company, […]

Have you been wondering if you should ask the restaurateur of a restaurant for sale if you can buy it outright? Is asking the right questions before offering your services going to help you sell it faster? If so, ask no further, as this article is not for you. However, […]

In the business world, business architecture is a field that “represents multidimensional, holistic business perspectives of processes, information, end result, and capabilities.” It is crucial that the business environment is architected with a keen eye towards “building a strong and resilient business.” But business architectures are more than just ideas. […]