When the summer vacation is finally over, the best thing you can do for your child is to make him or her go outdoors and play some outdoor games for kids. These outdoor games for kids are a great way for them to get outside and burn off some extra […]

One of the best things about having children around the garden is that they love to have fun outside. They will often play in the garden and when it is summer season they will be out enjoying the sunshine. Children love to see all of the flowers and plants and […]

We all know that entertainment sites are the one that gets everyone going, and most of the other people join in just so they can have fun as well. But, is it only the entertainment sites that get people going? Of course not. At All Faves understand that entertainment isn’t […]

Buying a good biography is one of the wisest ways that you can invest ten dollars or more, and whether you buy a biography from an online vendor or from your favorite bookstore, you can be certain you’ll find yourself well in business. Browse around online and you can be […]

Richard Hofstadter was a leading American writer and public intellectual of the late twentieth century. His most famous book is Man and the Glasses, and nearly every American college student has read at least some of it by now. But even for those who haven’t read his work, I highly […]

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is written by a civil rights attorney and author Alex Haley. The book was released in 1965 and sold millions around the world. The Autobiography was widely publicized at the time because it contained many firsts for a book – it was the first autobiography […]

Madame Curie is one of those Impressionist paintings. It was begun in 1870 and it is one of the earliest works by this famous artist. The background to this painting is quite interesting. During the 1870’s French artist Victor Hugo had lived in England and been influenced by the French […]

An Autobiography of Yogi is written by Ajahn Brahman, a Bhaisajya Sattva (iplean) in theta tradition. The name, Yogi, means ‘Yogic’, in reference to his deep knowledge of yoga philosophy and theory. He was born in 15th century India and was one of the first true converts of yoga to […]