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Business Technology Management is a rapidly emerging discipline and professional area in Business Administration. It integrates theory and practice, technology and information for business purposes. Application of Engineering Knowledge in the Business Administration includes a variety of disciplines including Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Engineering, Information technology, Software Engineering etc. The major areas of application are software applications, computer sciences, internet, multimedia, e-business etc. The main aim of these courses is to develop professional skills in information technology, computer systems and management. These courses help students understand the basic concepts in Business Technology Management and apply it to real world business applications.

Applications of Business Technology Management can be used to accomplish many things. It helps in efficient workflow and time management, information technology, time & cost management, security systems etc. This discipline helps us in designing and developing effective business applications and web applications that are vital for the smooth running of various businesses.

These applications help us in accomplishing various tasks and procedures without disturbing the workflow. Business applications of information technology help in creating dynamic and informative websites, web applications, data warehousing systems, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning etc.

Applications of engineering knowledge form a key part of emerging technologies. As we all know that technology is changing so fast that it is difficult to keep up with it. We need applications of Business Technology Management to cope with this evolving business capability.

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Web applications are an important part of emerging technologies that have made life easier for businesses. With more traffic and digitalization, business capabilities are rising with time.

Application of science and technology knowledge provides a solid base to conduct business activities in businesses. Application of knowledge in business technology management helps businesses to: o Determine the requirements of organizations and business units.

o, Design and develop advanced and user-friendly web applications. o, Create user-friendly applications that help users in accessing information quickly and efficiently. o, Back up important information and files to increase the security of business units. o, Increase utilization of present information technology infrastructure.

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There are various benefits of application of emerging technologies in business operations. One of the major advantages of Business Technology Management is that it provides the core competency for increasing the sales and market share. It has brought about changes in the entire realm of business operations.

The application of advanced business technologies allows businesses to perform and reach new heights in marketing, customer service, distribution, and sales. There are various purposes for implementing applications of business technology management in businesses.

One of the major purposes of implementing Business Technology Management systems is to track and organize the information of organizations. Directing the actions related to business activities is often difficult. This is because of the complexity of handling large amounts of data.

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Business applications of data warehousing to provide the core competency for managing large amounts of information. It often used to improve the capacity of organizations to deliver applications and services more efficiently and effectively.

Another purpose of incorporating advanced applications of information technology management systems is product development. Many organizations rely on information technology for their smooth and easy functioning. Advanced applications of this technology management skills are often used for product development.

This is mainly because the product development process can take a long time if it is done manually. Business applications of information technology management skills play a significant role in speeding up the product development process.

Implementation of advanced Business Technology Management systems is also beneficial for reducing business costs. Cost reduction can be achieved by utilizing information technology for faster product development and better product quality.

This is mainly because most organizations need support services for product development, but lack the expertise. Advance business technology degree programs are best suited for facilitating product development. Information technology management skills play a very vital role in the business world.

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