Travel brings out different sides of our personalities, especially when it comes to packing. For some, it highlights a tendency to forget the important things. For others, packing decisions reveal an almost delusional sense of optimism. Whichever camp you fall into, you’re not alone. The funny folks on Twitter have […]

The luggage storage network Bounce analyzed the view counts for travel destination hashtags on TikTok to determine the most popular ones. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top spot was none other than the city that never sleeps, New York City. Other trending destinations included international faves like London and Paris, as well […]

Does everyone have a beauty closet these days? Blame it on early-stage quarantine, and the organization mania that came with it, but it’s hard for ITG to scroll through Instagram without tripping and falling over yet another beauty closet in 1×1 picture form. And we’re not talking over-the-top, millionaire status […]

How to Start a Fine Jewelry Collection Do you have your own personal jewelry collection? If not, let us show you how to build a stunning collection that will impress everyone. Keyword(s): fine jewelry collection       Nearly 21% of Americans say jewelry is their gift of choice.  Whether you’re buying […]

BEIJING: China has blamed the United States for the ongoing security crisis in Afghanistan and said Washington is withdrawing its troops from the war-torn country by dumping the war on the Afghan people. “The US disregards its responsibilities and duties and withdraws troops from Afghanistan hastily, dumping the mess and […]