7 Things You Should Clean Out From Your Closet

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Cleaning your closet can be an emotional and tedious task. But once you get into the transition, it can be tempting to throw away almost everything and start over. 

While we are fans of a minimal wardrobe and uniform, there are some things you will regret throwing away very quickly (other than your high school cheerleading jacket). We mostly think we should always stick to seven things – yes, even if you feel you have no place for them.

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1. Same Shirt With Four Different Colors

Yes, I too, grew up in a time when shirts were the same size; you had to buy them in seven colors. But you don’t need those kinds of options, and they can end up leaving you with an overcrowded wardrobe full of things you don’t wear. 

If you have duplicate pieces, take them all out, assemble them, and choose the one you wear consistently. There is an unlimited number of opportunities to dress — let’s not limit ourselves to the same boat five days a week.

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2. Very Small Or Substantial Clothing

It’s easy to catch when you get to the back of an expensive jersey that we accidentally put on a dryer. But you’re developing a wardrobe now, and unless you’ve set the time back to 13 or blocked the dryer fiasco, it’s time to release it. The same goes for a dress you bought in two substantial sizes because you liked the print. 

I know it can be hard to let go of the pieces you might want or spend a lot of money on, but it’s essential to be realistic and keep in mind the type of “right, not a lot” wardrobe you want. 

Look at these pieces and ask yourself what makes them unique and worth keeping. Can you find it designed to fit well? Can you resell it online? If not, it’s time to dump her and move on.

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3. Older Infants Left A Little Behind

I’m not talking about your fragile cord bra that is released for special occasions; I’m talking about an extended T-shirt that you bought at the same time two years ago.

It’s hard to let go of the bra you’ve been wearing for years, but a good rule of thumb is to wear your underwear once a year to remove those that need to go. After that, treat yourself with new binding tools and the right fit. You can significantly extend the life of your bra with proper care.

A few tips:

  • Do not fold your brakes to save storage space, as it can disable cups over time.
  • Wash regularly in warm water and bathe when cool. Hot water can weave your bra.
  • NEVER put your bra in the dryer. Stay dry.
  • Buy snug-fitting bras on the end hooks. Then while the band is naturally lighter over time, you can move slowly to the hard angles to maintain the same balance.

4. A Dress You Once Really Liked, But Now It’s Left In The Back Of Your Closet

We all have our favorite clothes that we have never touched in months. The dress and jacket I once wore three times a week, and I valued myself above all, are now dusting off for lack of love. 

We are all changing with style change, but once it becomes clear that you are no longer interested, it is time to stop. Pieces can still work in many ways, and maybe you need to style that leather vest in a new way, but what if you tried it on different outfits and still don’t find yourself using it? Let it go.

5. All Those Free T-shirts, Hats, And Food Bags

Over time, we can easily create a collection of shirts, hats, and random bags emblazoned with festive logos and local ads. You and I both know you are sticking to five wearing t-shirts. As you go through these pieces, really ask yourself why you didn’t wear them and will ever wear them. 

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Yes, it looks great to have a lot of options for hats and totes for an unexpected adventure, but by giving you what you don’t need, you’ll open up more space in your closet to see what you have and what you’ll wear.

6. Anything You Have Not Worn For More Than Six Months

I understand that this is a brutal rule for the changing seasons. Maybe you didn’t get the chance to rock that sundress since you’ve been stuck in jerseys for months, but I’m talking about the beautiful silk shirt you bought that day last year that you never wore. Face it, and you probably won’t wear it. If you are struggling with the final problem, look at each piece, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it compliment my makeup or my complexion?
  • Can I see it fits well with my entire wardrobe?
  • Do I still love it?
  • Is it still the same size?
  • Do I feel comfortable with it?
  • Can I repurchase it if I see it in stores now?
  • Is it bad?
  • Why didn’t I wear it?

7. Anything You Have Told Yourself You Will Fix And Not

If you have had a clip for more than six weeks and have not found it burnt, cleaned, etc., it is safe to say that you will never do it. Don’t cling to a fantastic wardrobe that will fit in your closet because it’s designed for a 6’0-year-old woman with a 5’3 ″.

 If you like the piece, make an appointment and get dressed for your height. If you are stuck with a jeans bank that needs to be marked, download it this week or send it to Goodwill. They replace the already overcrowded closet.


As long as they are in good condition and serviceable condition, there is no real reason to remove the belt. They can be replaced and can be folded into a bag or hung from a hook inside your closet door at the front of the storage. 

As for the power of staying sartorial? If you wait long enough, even those wide 80s belts with big buckles will come back in style (some might even say they’re around). And, of course, no one can deny the impressive effect of a regular sleeveless dress on cinching.


There is a reason why price totes and shoulder bags are often referred to as “investment pieces.” Fifteen years ago, you probably thought it would be foolish to hold your Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette shoulder bag, but guess what? Every street style, impact, and fashion designer carried that bag during fashion week in September 2019. 

Dior’s brilliant John Galliano bag, which first appeared in 2000, made a comeback in September 2018 as perhaps the most popular bag during the fashion month. It is a wise move to stick to high-quality (or even unconventional) styles, rather than buying them twice.


We’re not talking about the ’90s-Esque slip dress that is currently available (although they’re definitely worth a while in the heat) but also real underwear. If you have ever bought a white dress online only to find that it looks much more than you expected, then you know what it means. 

Neutral slips can be worn with flat-bottomed flats, and simple camis can cover the splendor — and both are always a good idea to have, as long as they have no spots or other signs of aging.


Like belts, jewelry is small enough that any pieces you are not currently in can easily be placed in a decorative box and stored on your bookshelf. Or stored in a shoebox and placed under your bed. 

And while we can’t blame you for donating earrings to a kitschy Baublebar statement, you bought them for your office holiday party, anywhere, and all the beautiful jewelry should be considered a last resort. This is especially true of small or vintage styles such as silver cloths, transparent gold rings, and necklaces. 

Even if you don’t wear them in line, they are inspirational gifts for future nieces, nephews, kids, and so on. And don’t even start on watches, which will always be out of date and permanently fit into your jewelry box.


OK, yes, if you can no longer close the zipper or you will need to remove the rib to get into it, the garment should be donated. However, everyone should invest in and maintain at least one LBD that will not expire. 

The last thing you want to do in the days leading up to the memorial service is worrying about what you will wear. And you don’t want to be pressured by last-minute cocktail party invitations, short-term job interviews, or an automatic encounter with that cutie in Hinge. Please do your due diligence and get into that goal of LBD every year or more to ensure it is in good condition or that you do not need to continue planning for that rib removal operation.


We will admit that it is unlikely that you will ever wear that burgundy bridal gown again (the best of which has been donated to clothing organizations for needy young women). 

But investing in all-encompassing, dangle crystal earrings and a few formal but not-so-casual dresses, and then the shoes that complete the event, means you will be ready for every wedding or gala you will be invited to in the next few years.


Whether it’s silk, cashmere, or woven wool, a beautiful scarf doesn’t end up in style. (And sometimes you can use them as a reliable hair accessory.) A good wrap can be worn even in evening dresses, rather than in a jacket that does not fit your clothing at all. 

Put your scarves in a box under the bed or put them in your bags when the season is out; otherwise, do not give up these useful items until they have fallen.

Prepare For Next Year

To stay on top of your wardrobe, a great way to continue keeping up with getting rid of the things you should is to flip all of your coat hangers in your closet in the opposite direction at the beginning of the year. 

Every time you wear something, swap it to face the other way. Then at the end of next year, you’ll be able to see the things you haven’t touched and can more easily justify getting rid of them without any debate.

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