13 Ways to Cleanse Your Life

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Sure, you’ve heard (and probably feared) spring cleaning, when you change pillows, flush the mattress, and clean your bathroom deeply, but we also clean the end-of-year cleaning that is more than just home. 

Take a natural look: trees shed their leaves, so why not us? The end of 2020 is the perfect time to end physical, mental, and emotional poisoning. So what is the best way to clean up your life at a time when we are constantly distracted, traveling, depressed, or busy? 

Try these 13 complete challenges at once or face one daily challenge in Marie-Kondo for your life, life, and entire life.

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1. Simplify Your Diet

When it comes to nutritional cleansing, juice cleansing does not have to be something you go to. Instead of choosing a completely different diet, simplify your diet. Focus less on frozen foods, processed products, or a host of sauces, dressings, and dips, all of which contain many ingredients. Instead, prioritize whole foods from the world, not the factory. 

Make sure most of your food cart is from the product category or is packed with whole foods such as beans, lentils, rice, or quinoa. Make food more delicious with real ingredients such as herbs, spices, olive oil, or apple cider vinegar. 

Yes, you can choose processed foods as a way to simplify your life and make mealtime more manageable, but hopefully, a few new, complete ingredients are way more manageable than a list of ingredients you can’t name.

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2. Renew Your Finances

Money is not just something you do and spend; it is the power of your life. Think about it: money is the exchange of effort and energy we give about 40 hours every week. Check your bank accounts and credit card statements to see how you are using your life. 

Does it make you feel good to go out for a drink with a friend you don’t like or to buy a top that you won’t keep wearing? Managing money based on what does not bring you and what does not bring happiness will reduce the stress of spending money on holidays, things, and the experiences you genuinely love.

If money is a constant source of stress for you and you feel like you are always emerging from the “lack” of power instead of a lot of energy, try to clean up your waste. Temporarily cancel recurring expenses, increase your savings by 5 percent.

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Orderless, or choose specific days of the week when you will not be spending. Consider investing it in yourself with the money you save: get a gym membership, buy that course online, or add more to your future savings account. 

When you put money into something, you are more likely to put it first.

3. Reduce Your Stress Level And Eliminate Negative Emotions

You may have heard of detox juice, but what about emotional detox? Sometimes we also need to focus a little on removing metal impurities too. Emotional detox’s goal is not to eliminate negative emotions (going down and down is part of being human, after all), but rather to get rid of stationary feelings and no longer use them. 

Try negative recording emotions, develop an app when negative emotions appear or continue to thoroughly clean up complaints. Since a significant (inevitable) episode of mental health is depression, prioritize cleansing as well. 

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Reduce anxiety by setting breaks and rest periods on your calendar, excuse yourself (and others) from making mistakes, and add CBD to limit daily or chronic stress (bonus tip: try any products from Equilibria, which are our favorite stress relievers).

4. Review Your Relationship

Whether you are online or in real life, do not follow poisonous people who drain your energy instead of lifting you. Make a list of people you often meet, including friends, roommates, family, coworkers, etc. 

Then ask how you feel about being with each person. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you should only give your energy and time to the right people. 

That means people you are proud of, people who make you happy, and people who make you feel loved. Suppose you find that some unavoidable people do not fall into this category (such as a jealous coworker or toxic family member). In that case, you can still carefully decide to give them a little thought and energy, even if they still need your time.

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5. Choose A Non-Technical Area

Sadly, technology is a big part of cleaning because it is a big part of our lives. While tech often avoids it (we need to make money somehow, you know?), Try to choose one space in your home that doesn’t have the technology. 

Try a bedroom, kitchen table, or corner where you keep a yoga and meditation pillow to create one space in your home where Netflix, Instagram, and Slack are not allowed. Having this non-professional space will remind you to have time to “relax” every day, whether during lunch with your significant other, while meditating and working, or before bed.

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6. Clean The Media

If it tickles your liking, take a social media detox and uninstall all life-saving apps (sorry, was that a big deal?) On your phone for a limited time. However, remember, too, how you can keep your communication habits clean, even after eliminating toxins from your body. 

Use the mute or account tracking button that does not prompt you, stop checking your phone early in the morning, and turn off all notifications. Yes, I said, “everything.” When your messages are open, whether, on Instagram or iMessage, you no longer control your life and habits.

The phone blinks or lights up to tell you when it’s time to check your text or Instagram feed, instead of choosing which one is best for you to check your phone.

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7. Offer “Extravagant” Clothes

Did you know that the organization will go into a clean slate sometime (or you could do it if you were preparing for The Home Edit in a day as I did)? In my opinion, the closet is the most crucial space to start with, as it often represents what we need to give up. For example, donate or sell ragged clothing. Time. 

Sticking to the things you hope to get in one day only prevents you from loving, accepting, and wearing what you are now. And, with Mario-Kondo’s great fashion, get rid of that unpleasant thing.

Even your wardrobe should add value to your life: a comfortable jersey that keeps you warm, a glittering necklace that makes you happy, a lovely basket that makes you feel sweet, or a dress that reminds you of your shopping trip with your mom. If they don’t, it’s time to make room for something that will do.

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8. Refine Decision-Making

We make a lot of decisions each day, or within the first few minutes of waking up: whether or not to hit the snooze, what to wear (which is about a hundred different decisions), and when to turn on the coffee pot. Minor choices make us feel so stressed out that we fail to make a fundamental decision. 

Fatigue of the decision is a fact, people! To keep healthy habits and improve your whole life, reduce your decision-making as much as possible, and reduce decisions’ fatigue. 

Prepare all your lunch meals, book online exercise classes in advance (or put exercise in your calendar), wash dishes after meals without choosing to do them later, and try on a dress formula, so you don’t give up. ‘I have to think about dressing up.

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9. Sweat And Get Wet

The word “detox” has lost its meaning as it has become one of the most widely-used buzzwords in the space of life. However, one degrading method can help the body remove toxins, and guess what: it’s not a juice purifier.

“The main toxins in the body are the liver and kidneys, but sometimes they can’t remove certain toxins,” Jeffrey Morrison, MD, told Well + Good. “What does not leave is stored, so the body removes it through a second, sweaty process.”

That’s right: the embarrassing things you try to prevent with antiperspirants and prevent you from going straight to work after a hot yoga session can help your body rid itself of toxins. Include “detoxing” in a long list of reasons to exercise. 

If you do not exercise regularly or choose to use less strenuous exercise, try taking a quick shower or having a sauna near you.

10. Spend Time In Silence

When did you last live peacefully and do nothing? Yes, even without the TV or Instagram installed on your phone. Keeping quiet is one of the most important and useful things you can do to clear your mind. 

Think of it as putting your phone in a charger when its battery runs out; when the brain is constant, it does not get a chance to turn off. Relax on the sofa and look at the fireplace, spend two minutes taking in all the scents, sight, and smell, sit on a park bench in a comfortable setting or try to meditate. Staying more relaxed is quiet, where you need it most.

11. Review Your Plan

That’s right: you can (and should!) Pull out your schedule again. Try looking at a few days or a week for your editor to understand better what you do all day, every day. If you don’t plan and plan every moment of your life like me (how does one live 

without a very detailed editor !?), consider tracking all the activities and activities for a few days to get a good understanding of how you are wasting your time. 

Include everything from activity projects to a five-minute Instagram message. Once you have figured out how to spend your day or week, reevaluate your time and energy. Find time-consuming purses (see you, TikTok roll), and review how you can fill that time in a different way to be happy or calm.

12. Find Indoor Plants

You do not have to have a green thumb to know that plants bring, attract, and provide adequate energy. It is believed that they reduce stress, purify the air, improve intelligence, and increase productivity. 

In other words, having a plant in your home or workplace can simultaneously clean up stress levels, the quality of your work, and the atmosphere. BRB, my apartment is about to turn into a jungle. 

Don’t have a lot of green thumbs? Click here to find out how you can keep your indoor plants alive, or check out these plants you don’t kill (promise!). And if you don’t have that plant life, some inexpensive false plants couldn’t hurt (if not, they would look really like your home!).

13. Detox Your Sleep

I want to say that it all starts in the room. Take your mind off the ditch – don’t like that (though that might be true too). I mean, sleep is one of the essential things in our entire life. Because of things like work stress, excessive exposure to light, and binges on Netflix (damn it, Love Doesn’t See!), More people than ever before rely on coffee to get through their day (forget about improving health). 

To fully achieve a cleansed life, you need to regularly get 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night. 

If you do not wake up refreshed and stay active throughout the day, your sleep (or lack thereof) may be to blame. Detox your sleep routine by reducing light in the evening, improving your sleeping area, and sticking to a sleep routine.

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