Top 5 Causes for Amputation Claims


Personal injury lawyers often have clients contact them about filing amputation claims. Accidents that cause traumatic bodily injuries often lead to the need for an arm or a leg to be amputated. Personal injury lawyers see a lot of clients every year have undergone the amputation of one or more of their limbs due to sustaining a personal injury. These victims have the right to file an amputation claim when someone else was negligent. Below are some of the common causes for amputation claims.

Auto Accidents

Every year thousands of auto accidents occur on American roadways. Not only are auto accidents a common cause for amputation claims, they are a major cause of serious bodily injuries to both passengers and drivers alike. A serious car accident can end up causing the passenger or driver to be pinned in the auto, causing the emergency response team to have to amputate a limb in order to get the victim out of the vehicle. Even if the person doesn’t get pinned in, their injuries can be so serious that they eventually end up losing an arm or leg.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are also another common cause for amputation claims. Motorcycle riders are exposed to all kinds of serious consequences as the result of car vs. motorcycle accidents. One of the most severe consequences is brain damage and even death by decapitation. However, quite often the victim ends up losing one of their limbs as the result of the injuries they receive in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents attribute to some of the highest rates for amputation claims and require professional guidance of a motorcycle injury attorney.

Amusement Park Accidents

During the warm weather months families are out enjoying the theme parks and amusement parks. Riding on all the rides is exciting and fun. However, faulty rides that are not kept in good repair can lead to amusement park accidents, which are another common cause for amputation claims that personal injury lawyers will take.

Train and Metrolink Accidents

Train accidents are also a major cause of amputation claims. Countless people are injured every year in train accidents. Train crashes are notorious for triggering wrongful death suits as well as amputation lawsuit claims. Metrolink accidents are not far behind in regards to triggering amputation claims.

Dog Bite Injuries

A bite or attack from a dog can easily cause the victim to lose an arm or a leg.  Dogs have some of the strongest bite strength on the planet and they are notorious to doing serious damage when they grab on and don’t let go.  Some species of dogs are much more dangerous that others however.

The above are 4 common causes for amputation claims. However, just about any kind of accident can cause serious enough damage to a limb, so that it needs amputation. Having one of your limbs amputated is a horrific experience and no one would ever want to go through. A lot of war veterans have amputations done due to their war injuries. War veterans do not usually have the ability to file an amputation claim, but the private citizen that is injured due to negligence on someone else’s part does have the right to file a lawsuit for compensation. If you or someone you love has sustained a personal injury resulting in the need for an amputation of their arm or leg, contact an injury lawyer for legal advice and guidance. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will greatly increase your chances of a fair settlement amount from the responsible party’s insurance company.

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