How Backseat Drivers Can Contribute to an Accident


Repeated research shows that backseat drivers are to blame for a significant number of accidents that occur on our roads every year. Most of the time, backseat drivers seem to know a lot more than the person on the steering wheel, and their remarks are often the cause of driver distraction. And, some drivers are more susceptible to the scathing attacks of backseat drivers than others. Men, for instance, are more likely to get distracted by comments and criticism from backseat drivers than women.  That said, what can you do to make sure that a backseat driver does not cause distractions that may lead to a car crash? Here are a few tips from a car accident attorney point of view.

Ensure that the Backseat Drivers are Busy

The primary reason backseat drivers make remarks capable of causing distraction is because they have nothing to do. To make sure that their mind is occupied, be sure to keep them busy. Tell them to keep an eye on the GPS, get them receive or make calls on your behalf and so on. Whatever you do, just ensure they don’t have the time to make any unwarranted suggestions or comments.

Let them Know that Their Behavior is Annoying

If you’re are the type who has no problem with telling people to drop their bad habits, you could as well tell a backseat driver to stop making negative remarks about your driving. Some backseat drivers are plainly ignorant and may not be aware that their comments are affecting your driving. Share with them the dangers of backseat driving with an aim of making them bring to an end the behavior altogether.

Ensure that Few Passengers Accompany Teen Drivers

Teen drivers are more likely to get swayed by backseat driving than any other group of drivers. Besides, the risk of a teenage car accident is directly associated with the number teenagers in the car according to repeated studies. Thus, educate your teen driver on the dangers of carrying many passengers and encourage them to accompany an adult whenever they are on the road until they gain enough experience. Stay Focused Do not lose focus despite the unnecessary suggestions and remarks from backseat drivers. Remember that accidents happen in a split second, so you’re better off concentrating on driving instead of listening to the disorderly passengers at the back of the seat of the car. Plan Ahead If you know that a trip with your family members or friends will involve backseat driving take the necessary precautions before embarking on the journey. You could as well talk to your family before the trip in a bid to lessen the distractions. Reach a consensus that backseat driving will not be tolerated during the travels.

Legal Respite for Victims of Distracted Driving

If you, a family member or a close friend has been injured in a crash caused by distracted driving, contact the best injury attorneys in Michigan or an attorney in whatever state the accident took place.  Make sure you get more information on what the law stipulates about victims of distracted driving accidents and most importantly how to sue for damages.

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  1. I’m always worried about this when my son is driving with his friends. Between talking on the phone, texting, and being distracted by his friends it’s a miracle he’s never been in an accident.

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